“Untitled” – WGA

Singer/Song writer, Malynda Hale and producer and writer, Corrina Crade are joining forces again with an "untitled" musical. Malynda is focused on writing the songs as Corrina writes the book. Together, they are working together to bring story on stage that empowers women and dreamers through song lyrics and dance. The "untitled" musical is set in Chicago and tells the story of a modern day "Cinderella" faced with not only finding love, but making her dreams come true in the big city. Instead of the lost slipper, there's lost demo reel and instead of the big dance, there's an "American Idol" type singing contest. As our prince in the story seeks out his true love, he finds that opening his mind and heart will allow his dream to come true, a dream he never expected.

Both Malynda and Corrina are working in completely different cities - Malynda resides in Los Angeles while Corrina is in Chicago. Through various trips, Skype meetings, and lots of emails, the play is close to it's final draft. They plan to workshop the play in LA during spring of 2015.

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