Intern Program

CRADEmade Entertainment also does 3-month internship programs which allows people to learn, work, and grow in a setting that is very hands on.  We created the internship program to offer a "hands on" approach.  This isn't just about fetching coffee and running errands, the internship program is about getting one-on-one guidance from producers and crew, shadowing heads of departments, hands on movement, and being completely integrated into the creative development as a collaborator and spokesperson for the company.  Most of our interns end up being crew members of our shoots.
"The moment I started interning for CRADEmade, my life had changed. My aspirations in life are to work in the film and television industry. Being a young female from Madison, WI, I have always had anxiety about how I was going to get my hands on film-related experience. At the time, I was within my third year at the University and I had gotten no where with film exposure. Once I became involved with CRADEmade, I realized how lucky I was to a part of such a wonderful company. Corrina welcomed all the interns with open arms. My experience with CRADEmade Entertainment has established my understanding as an assistant to production and has created personal benefits from an organized film shoot. I have worked on three different projects that either CRADEmade has created or helped me be a part of. There's one motto that Corrina has stated that I always live by. She told me that one can be successful by how much they put into an experience. By being with CRADEmade, I have gained confidence in working with film, which has inspired me to continue to push myself."

Katie, intern 2013 

"One of the most valuable gifts a person can receive is the gift of inspiration, and that is exactly what Corrina gave me. I had the honor of interning for her, which opened up many professional and personal doors for me. Not only did I receive hands on experience on set, I was able to network and meet other talented artists because of Corrina’s efforts. While interning for Corrina, I witnessed how one’s dreams and ambitions can become reality through hard work, determination, and genuine compassion towards her colleagues and her work. Her endeavors created jobs and opportunities for many people, and that feat alone should not be taken lightly.Working with Corrina made me realize that pursuing your life dreams is possible and rewarding. She inspired me to pursue my passion of music and cinematography. I followed her footsteps and started my own arts and entertainment LLC. Since then, my life has become much more rewarding. I extend great gratitude towards Corrina for opening up my eyes to the endless possibilities and inspiring me to live a fulfilled life!"

Ma Vue, Intern 2013


Corrina and graduating interns

CRADEmade Interns At Work


Interns learning about call sheets

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Claire & Amanda as extras (Spring 2012)


Tim ADs music video (Spring 2013)


Joe & Alex become crew (Fall 2012)


Liz set design (Spring 2013)


Intern class (Spring 2013)