Corrina is working on her first book called, I produced an Independent Film...Barely.  The book tells the story of how she barely got an indie film complete with her crew but also includes many tips she used while producing her film on a very low budget.  Her inspirational story of using fair trade techniques, community, like minded wolves (must read book to understand this) along with her humorous and honest opinions of what it really means to be a producer, makes this book a one of a kind.  At the end of the book you'll realize why Corrina doesn't sugar coat anything and will instantly be inspired to create your own work using her techniques and advice.  

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Read a few samples from the book:

The Street Corner

I will admit one thing to you; Producing does feel like being a glorified whore with a background in both marketing and sales.  I felt like a lot of times I was hustling for just 100 bucks.  And let me be clear here, I DID NOT SLEEP WITH ANYONE nor did I even make that an option.  This is just a metaphor for the process producers feel when they have little or no money.  So, in other words this is the money chapter and I’ll break it down a bit into parts so it’s not over whelming.   If you are like most new or indie filmmakers, you probably don’t have a lot of money or the amount you want to make the film of your dreams.  If you are a filmmaker that has a rich uncle or a huge investor, then great – this can still help get you a few thousand dollars more.  Let’s be honest here, if we (filmmakers) were all dropped 100,000 bucks into our laps, we would be off and running with a camera in one hand and a script in the other.  But not every one is fortunate to have that…so let’s start with STEP ONE of getting money for your film...


Get a hold of this concept. Don’t be the ass in passion. There are so many filmmakers who want their film made because it’s the best in the entire world plus mars. And guess what, even if it is, you can’t sell it like that. You want to believe in it but turn that into pure passion. When I say be passionate about it, feel the story in your heart. Believe in the project so much that when you speak about it to others, they hear it in your voice. But don’t be desperate. When I walked in to meetings with investors or potential crew members, I spoke very highly of my project. I knew they felt my passion coming out of my pores. I created a line that helped me pitch my project which was, “this is a story that needs to be told by motion picture” I made people think and know that I was going to make it with or without them. I also wrote two lists down....